dunbar | edward st aubyn


so, it’s clearly been awhile. i know i said i’d post most reviews and such once things got settled down, but that’s the thing, things never settled down – quite the contrary. i landed a job that’s been keeping me busy, my cats manage to do something unexpected each day, and another side hobby has been taking off. ergo, no time for even sleep, let alone reading or reviews.

i have managed to keep reading though, just haven’t had time to gather my thoughts long enough to document them. with each new year that comes by, i see so many posts that say “i’m going to read x amount of books this year!” and while that seems nice, i can’t help but thing to myself how limiting that is, how much pressure it seems to impose on oneself. so my goal, is simply just to read.

anywho, i’d had my eye on this book for quite some time and made some time to squeeze it into my schedule. it’s written very concisely with few exaggerations, but brimming with emotion. i had heard it was a reimagining of shakespeare’s king lear, and i have to admit that i’m not familiar with it at all!

that being said, it was an enjoyable book and i hope to see more from this author.


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