evicted | matthew desmond


real estate is something that i’m lowkey interested in. having been a renter for several years now, i know a lot about the tenant side of things, like how exorbitant rent can seem sometimes. however, i’d never really thought about the landlord side of things.

this book, while on the more extreme side of what i’ve been exposed to sheds light on the landlord’s perspective. but it also does a great job of depicted the lives of the tenants, bleak as it is, it’s reality.

it’s comprised of short segments focusing on a few people at a time. it covers all types of tenants and landlords out there, and it’s a little uncomfortable to read at times just because it’s not something that’s discussed at length in media. if it is, it’s certainly not discussed like the book.

i found that it was written in an anecdotal way with just the right amount of statistics and academic facts here and there, so not too overwhelming. it made for a smooth read where it didn’t seem all too nonfiction-y despite being pure nonfiction.

overall i would say this book is incredibly eye-opening, insightful, and accessible to the every day reader. if it’s something that interests you or something you’ve been curious about, i’d recommend it.


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