the revisionists | thomas mullen

the most recent book i’ve finished, the revisionists by thomas mullen, is one hell of a whirlwind. tldr – it’s an intertwined story involving government conspiracies, politics, and the future. it sounds really convoluted and i was skeptical that the book was going to hold my attention, but i was proved wrong.


it was really hard to put the book down. the way it was written flowed well with the tone of the book. each characters plots were succinct and easy to follow despite sounding complicated.

the characters all have a common thread, both in their conflicts and plots, that ultimately connect them. there aren’t too many additional characters to keep up with, with the exception of all the agencies and agents that are introduced with towards the end. overall the characters seem well fleshed out, their motivations and malcontent described throughout the narrative at the right moments in order for the reader to make sense of their current situation.

**spoiler alert**

really the only gripe i have with it is that the plot twist goes relatively unresolved. it’s a good plot twist, nonetheless, and it incorporates itself nicely in the plot in that it makes sense. perhaps it was more of a plot device than anything, but it certainly stayed in my thoughts well after finishing the book. basically, is zed really zed or is he some alter ego created by troy?

and the situation surrounding tj seemed like it was just kind of there. i mean zed was “sent there” to let this big event involving him to happen, thwarts it at the last minute but tj has already gotten wind of it without any of the characters’ help. so was he successful in his mission or not?

additionally, i must note that leo’s last scene was nicely done. the dialogue really reflected what i’d imagine one’s last thoughts would be given the *ahem* moment.

***end spoilers***

overall, the book was an exciting read. the plot of each character converge cleanly however, the side characters and plots seem mostly unresolved, and if they are they werent very clear. once i get through a huge backlog of books, i will definitely check out more of his works.

if you havent read my previous review, you can peep it here.


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