Revisting Dodgers by Bill Beverly

Some time has passed since i finished this book, about a month or so. the review i wrote was quick, unsatisfactory, and stuck with me all this time. i liked the book, but there was something that i didnt really like. i’d heard that people didn’t like the first and last parts, and that the second/middle part was the most engaging. while i agree with that, the somber tone of the third part was actually one of my favorites. the plot twist in that was something that really shocked me, and even elicited a verbal “oh shit.”

all that aside, the characters are mainly african american boys. i honestly don’t like the fact that this book is written in such a perspective when the author isn’t of that ethnicity. something about that cheapens the portrayals and makes it seem stereotypical and disingenuous.

i wonder if some fact checked or corroboration went into the final product in an attempt to figure out whether these were accurate stories and experiences. again, i enjoyed the book but in hindsight, this was an uncomfortable afterthought.


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