zero k | don delillo


i had a bit of a lull in my schoolwork recently, or so i let myself think i did, and wanted to pick up an easy read. somehow i chose zero k by don delillo, which seemed like a breeze judging from its size. i didnt realize until a few chapters in what a mistake i’d made. despite its size, less than 300 pages, it is not an easy book to read.

the narrative deals with some pretty heavy topics like life, death, religion, it gave the book quite a philosophical feel. i’d just finished albert camus’ book a happy death, and i’m not sure if that contributed to my lack of motivation to read the book but i’d already started it and for some reason had to finish it.

the plot itself is incredibly interesting. you’re basically cryogenically frozen if you have a fatal disease, until a time comes when there’s a cure. as interesting as the plot is however, it’s written in an incredibly fragmented way. lots of flashbacks and streams of consciousness. it honestly made the plot harder to follow, and distinguish between what was currently happening between what had happened in the past.

i also sensed a case of the unreliable narrator going on. no spoilers here, but it didn’t really add or take away from the novel.

overall, i think this is a book i’ll revisit and make a bunch of annotations on in the future.


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