so i have a bad habit of starting things and never really following through, i think that’s been real clear with this. i have a list of books i’ve read since the snow queen, which i’m debating writing about here. long story short, not much will happen until i’m through with midterms >.>

i wanted to touch briefly on why i’m such a fan of reading. as i’ve noted before, it started when i was a kid. i didn’t go to many places, so books kind of filled a nook for me there. back in the day (90s kid here), books weren’t made into movies very often, so reading was very much like watching a movie to me. in fact, it still is. that’s one of the main motivators for me to read, is that every time i read my mind constructs theses elaborate, budget-free movie sets and i can envision my own vision of the characters.

although that’s one of the main motivators for me, i’ve noticed as i’ve gotten older that i pay attention a lot to the tone of the writing. one book can make me feel like i’m sitting in front of an open fire drinking hot tea, whereas another book can make it feel like i’m in the midst of a cold and grey winter.

it’s the feelings that words evoke that i enjoy as an adult, and i hope that i can emulate these feelings with the progression of my writing.


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