Dodgers | Bill Beverly


i’ve always been into aesthetics, to say that it doesn’t drive my purchases would be misleading. needless to say, what drew me to the book was it’s cover. what i first saw it, it reminded me of films like drive or nightcrawler; there was this inherent mystery to the cover. the name alone doesn’t give much away, so you put two and two together and i just had to see what the book was about. enter: dodgers.


there was skepticism in reading this book at first, i was afraid it’d try to be something that it’s not. but after awhile, i found a lot of it quite refreshing. it’s a scintillating read about a young man’s coming of age story. it’s not about champagne bottles and a wild night out, in contrast it’s a gritty journey that i personally haven’t seen in too many books recently (then again, i am just getting started again). i look forward to seeing more of the author’s writing.

*c/o blogging for books



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