The Snow Queen | Hans Christian Andersen


you know how they say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” yeah, im not really a big proponent of that. i think covers are important, similar to first impressions, they’re what draw your attention. that being said, i was drawn to this book by its gorgeous cover, i didnt really know what to expect. when it arrived at my doorstep, i tore the packaging open and was in awe. the book as a whole was gorgeous. the illustrations are engaging and really make you stare at them. the pages that filled this book were of a nice, thick quality. it was very substantial and i can say that this contributed to my overall reading experience.

the illustrations were done by sanna annukka. if it looks familiar to you, you might’ve already seen her artwork on keane’s under the iron scene.

i talk at considerable length about the packaging because i find that it really does enhance my experience, and it just feels nice to hold and flip through a quality book. i digress though, and now onto my thoughts.

when i originally got it, i didnt realize that it was an old fairy tail. it was a thought that had never crossed my mind. im giving different genres a shot, so i thought why not just give it a try?

the story is about a girl and boy, the best of friends. one day, a mirror breaks that alters the minds of those who become inflicted with it. the boy just happens to be one of those people, and becomes swept up by the eponymous snow queen. so begins the girl’s journey to find her best friend.

the style of writing is very descriptive, and makes the world seem very regal and grand. if you’re someone who imagines books as movies in your head, you might really enjoy this; visually, it seems quite reminiscent of the narnia movie franchise.

as for the progression of plot, i cant say i really enjoyed it. it seems discombobulated at times? **spoilers** particularly when the girl is in the old hag’s flower garden, and when she’s with the robber girl. as descriptive as the writing was, i think it took away from the linearity of the plot.

also, the plot seemed quite rushed at times, especially towards the end. the girl is basically just going from strange house to strange house acquiring supplies for her journey and then off she goes towards the next one. i really would’ve liked for that to have been fleshed out a little more….but seeing as how the book is like 200 years old at this point. regarding the end, it’s never told what happens when the queen finds out the boy has been cured and reunited with the girl. seems a little too open ended for my tastes. and i expected there to be some conflict between the girl and the queen.

i cant say i devoured and enjoyed that book. there were parts that i did like. for example, the part that describes the queen leaving to go cover the volcanoes with snow, it just paints such a whimsical image in my head. however, what i disliked about the book far outweighed what i actually liked about it.


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