up until my adolescence i was a voracious reader. my parents always yelled at me for taking a book everywhere. i got made fun of by my friends for reading whenever i could during school, even going so far as to not to classwork and assignments just so i could read. jump forward to my teen years when i changed schools and things slowly started to take priority over reading. eventually it got to the point where i hadn’t had a new addition to my bookshelf in years. i ended up leaving for college taking a few treasured books with me thinking that i’d definitely have time to get into it again. half way through my time at school, i found my books collecting dust. i realized that i had become the type of person who always wished they had time to do this or that, without actively trying. i think i wanted to get back into reading in a superficial way. it wasn’t until i came across a quote, if something’s important to you, you make time for it, that it really sunk in. reading was important to me, it was my childhood, and it shaped who i became and i let it fall to the wayside. i slowly began actively changing my reading habits, or lack thereof at this point. i began with neil gaiman’s fragile things, which i remember scaring as a child. from there, reading became a habit again. i set aside time each morning before classes to read a few chapters, and before i knew it, my bookshelf was growing again. i actually mean metaphorical bookshelf because i was and still am a broke college student, so my books just quietly stack up in the corner.

so this is what this is. a way to reflect on the things that are important to me, may that be books, shows, music, etc.


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