the revisionists | thomas mullen

the most recent book i’ve finished, the revisionists by thomas mullen, is one hell of a whirlwind. tldr – it’s an intertwined story involving government conspiracies, politics, and the future. it sounds really convoluted and i was skeptical that the book was going to hold my attention, but i was proved wrong. it was really […]

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zero k | don delillo

i had a bit of a lull in my schoolwork recently, or so i let myself think i did, and wanted to pick up an easy read. somehow i chose zero k by don delillo, which seemed like a breeze judging from its size. i didnt realize until a few chapters in what a mistake i’d […]

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Dodgers | Bill Beverly

i’ve always been into aesthetics, to say that it doesn’t drive my purchases would be misleading. needless to say, what drew me to the book was it’s cover. what i first saw it, it reminded me of films like drive or nightcrawler; there was this inherent mystery to the cover. the name alone doesn’t give […]

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so i have a bad habit of starting things and never really following through, i think that’s been real clear with this. i have a list of books i’ve read since the snow queen, which i’m debating writing about here. long story short, not much will happen until i’m through with midterms >.> i wanted to […]

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