dunbar | edward st aubyn

so, it’s clearly been awhile. i know i said i’d post most reviews and such once things got settled down, but that’s the thing, things never settled down – quite the contrary. i landed a job that’s been keeping me busy, my cats manage to do something unexpected each day, and another side hobby has […]

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evicted | matthew desmond

real estate is something that i’m lowkey interested in. having been a renter for several years now, i know a lot about the tenant side of things, like how exorbitant rent can seem sometimes. however, i’d never really thought about the landlord side of things. this book, while on the more extreme side of what […]

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So I’ve been MIA for awhile again, this seems to happen every time I embark on a blogging endeavor. So, expect it to happen again. I appreciate those that do visit and interact in some capacity with me, I’m still checking back every now and then so it’s getting better! I recently finished school and […]

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the revisionists | thomas mullen

the most recent book i’ve finished, the revisionists by thomas mullen, is one hell of a whirlwind. tldr – it’s an intertwined story involving government conspiracies, politics, and the future. it sounds really convoluted and i was skeptical that the book was going to hold my attention, but i was proved wrong. it was really […]

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